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Resource Recovery and/or Waste Disposal Services
Issued By Logan City Council
Expression of Interest
Tender State
Tender Code
Contract Number
Opening Date
25 May 2019 12:01 AM
Closing Date
20 August 2019 02:00 PM
Mineral and Textile and Inedible Plant and Animal Materials - (5%)
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies - (5%)
Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services - (5%)
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services - (5%)
Industrial Cleaning Services - (5%)
Environmental Services - (10%)
Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services - (10%)
Refuse collection and disposal - (10%)
Nonhazardous waste disposal - (5%)
Refuse treatment - (5%)
Landfill services - (10%)
Waste to fuel blending services - (5%)
Waste incineration services - (5%)
Recycling services - (10%)
Refuse disposal and treatment fees - (5%)
South East Queensland
Darling Downs
South West Queensland
Wide Bay North Burnett
Central Queensland
North Queensland
Far North Queensland
Western Queensland
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Councils
Central Australia - Alice Springs
Arnhem Land
Barkly - Tennant Creek



Logan City Council is a member of a Sub-Regional Alliance between Logan City Council, Ipswich City Council, Redland City Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council and Somerset Regional Council (Sub-Regional Alliance) established for the purpose of seeking expressions of interest (EOI) for Resource Recovery and/or Waste Disposal Services.

On behalf of the Sub-Regional Alliance, Logan City Council invites EOIs from Respondents for Resource Recovery and/or Waste Disposal Services for any one or more recovered resources and/or waste streams, for any one or more of the participating Councils.

The waste materials offered under this Invitation are broadly categorised into the following streams:

  • Residual Waste - being waste that has not been specifically collected, received or sorted for reuse, recycling or beneficial reuse, or is generated as a result of some form of pre-treatment or resource recovery process;
  • Recyclable Waste - being items and materials for recycling or other form of beneficial reuse (excluding organic waste;
  • Organic Waste - being garden and/or food waste for the purposes of beneficial reuse;
  • Regulated Waste - wastes as defined in Schedule 7 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 (Qld) of primarily domestic origin; and
  • Problematic Waste - being items that are currently not sorted or recovered but would be desirable to divert away from landfill for the purposes of beneficial reuse.

The key objectives of this Invitation are to procure resource recovery and/or waste disposal services that:

  • are affordable, reliable and adaptable in providing long term security to respond to potential changes in waste volumes and composition over time;
  • minimise waste disposal to landfill and maximise the recovery of resources for beneficial reuse and/or recycling;
  • encourage and enable economic development and circular economy in the sub-region giving consideration to the availability and maturity of end markets; and
  • deliver environmental and sustainability benefits for the Councils’ communities.

Examples of services that may be offered include:

  • complimenting existing waste materials collection systems (e.g. source separation of materials or bespoke collection service systems for specific waste materials);
  • single or multi-material sorting and separation processes (e.g. material recovery facilities) that yield low contamination/high value resource streams;
  • beneficial reuse/upcycling of waste materials;
  • recycling waste materials (e.g. remanufacture and refurbishment of materials into new products/outputs such as compost and recycled content construction materials);
  • recovery of waste materials (e.g. alternative waste technologies such as energy from waste and anaerobic digesters); and
  • landfill disposal.

Those listed are some examples of services that may be offered. This is not in any way intended to be a prescriptive list nor a limit to the types of services that can be offered.

As a result of this Invitation, a Respondent may:

  1. be shortlisted by the Sub-Regional Alliance to participate in the next stage of the procurement process for Resource Recovery Services and/or Waste Disposal Services for the Sub-Regional Alliance;
  2. be shortlisted by any two or more Councils to participate in the next stage of the procurement process for Resource Recovery Services and/or Waste Disposal Services to those Councils;
  3. be invited by any Council to participate in a separate procurement process for Resource Recovery Services and/or Waste Disposal Services to that Council;
  4. not be shortlisted at all.

Important: Expressions of Interest submitted in response to this invitation must be lodged through the LG Tender box advertisement issued by Logan City Council that has been invited on behalf of the Sub-Regional Alliance.


The final date for accepting questions

All enquiries in relation to this Invitation must be submitted to the forum via LG tender box at .

Any questions and responses shall be collated, documented and distributed to all Respondents to ensure equity and fairness.

The final date for accepting questions regarding this EOI via the LG tender box Forum, is 5:00pm on Friday, 9 August 2019. Any questions after this date will not receive a response.


Industry briefing and waste facility site visits

The Sub-Regional Alliance would like to offer an industry briefing to potential respondents to discuss the EOI. In addition, potential respondents are invited to attend site visits of the Council’s key waste and recycling facilities. 

Attendance at the industry briefing and site visits is not a mandatory requirement.

Respondents are to email by 5:00 pm on Friday 14 June 2019 advising the names of those proposing to attend the industry briefing and site visits. A maximum of three representatives per Respondent are able to attend the industry briefing and site visits.

Please refer to Section 1 – Brief to Respondents for further information.

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