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Issued By Logan City Council
Request for Tender
Tender State
Tender Code
Contract Number
As per title
Opening Date
13 July 2019 01:00 AM
Closing Date
6 August 2019 02:00 PM
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies - (35%)
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services - (35%)
Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services - (30%)
South East Queensland
Darling Downs
South West Queensland
Wide Bay North Burnett
Central Queensland
North Queensland
Far North Queensland
Western Queensland
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Councils
Central Australia - Alice Springs
Arnhem Land
Barkly - Tennant Creek



  • Khanh Dinh


This Stage 1 of the Request for Tender (RFT) is the first stage in a two-stage RFT being carried out by Logan City Council (Council), Road Infrastructure Delivery Branch, for bituminous pavement and surfacing services within Council's roads and drainage capital works and rehabilitation programmes.  

On completion of the two-stage RFT process, Council will establish two registers of pre-qualified suppliers (Registers):

  1. one register of pre-qualified suppliers for both supply only and construction (supply and place) of asphalt works (Asphalt Works Register); and
  2. one register of pre-qualified suppliers for both supply only and construction (supply and place) of spray seal works (Spray Seal Works Register).

Both Registers will consist of a primary panel of suppliers and a supplementary panel of suppliers, and Council will appoint selected suppliers to each panel (Pre-Qualified Suppliers).

The terms which will govern a place on the Registers and the terms of each contract created using the Registers, under which works will be completed by selected Pre-Qualified Suppliers, form part of the RFT documents.

The scope of the services sourced under the Asphalt Works Register and Spray Seal Works Register may include “full service” operations, including but not limited to:

  • Removal, storage and replacement of splitter islands and signs
  • Line marking
  • Spray Seal works as part of an Asphalt Works Register project
  • Asphalt works as part of a Spray Seal Works Register project
  • Raising manholes, valve boxes and hydrant boxes to match new pavement levels
  • Profiling, transport and disposal of existing pavement materials
  • Crack sealing
  • Provision of traffic control

Subject to the terms of the Registers, the Registers will be established for a period of three (3) years, with options (at Council's discretion) to extend for three (3) further periods of one (1) year.

Tenderers are invited to submit a tender in relation to one or both Registers. However, tenders for the Asphalt Works Register will be evaluated separately to those for the Spray Seal Works Register, so tenderers submitting a tender for both Registers must submit entirely separate tenders and ensure that each tender stands alone and can be assessed independently of the other (i.e. do not reference responses or documents in one tender which are submitted as part of another tender).

Tenderers are invited to submit a tender in response to this RFT by 2:00 pm on Tuesday 6 August 2019.

Industry Briefing

An industry briefing will be held for prospective tenderers for this RFT.

The briefing is mandatory and is planned to be held on Friday 19 July 2019 at 1:00pm in the Logan Room (S34), located in the Logan City Council Administration Building, 150 Wembley Road, Logan Central 4114.

Where a prospective tenderer is not represented at the briefing, this may result in their tender being set aside and not being considered by the evaluation committee.

Clarification and addenda prior to Closing Date

Tenderers seeking clarification of any of the requirements of this RFT must direct all inquiries and/or correspondence in writing, via the facility available through the LG Tender Box. All clarification questions are to be lodged no later than 10.00am on the Thursday prior to the Closing Date. No clarification questions asked after this time will be considered or answered.

Council may issue an addendum at any time prior to the closing of this RFT. Any clarification, addendum or other information will be released through the LG Tender Box facility and it is the responsibility of the Tenderer to ensure that it has reviewed all addenda and other communications issued by Council and addressed any matters arising from such addenda or communication in its tender.

Specification Documents 

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  • 1 Tender Document Map  
    • Version 1 (11/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 2 Tender Documents  
    • Version 1 (11/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 3 Common Documents  
    • Version 1 (11/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 4 Asphalt Specific Documents  
    • Version 1 (11/07/2019)
    • Available by Download
  • 5 Spray Seal Specific Documents  
    • Version 1 (11/07/2019)
    • Available by Download


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Tender closes at 6 August 2019 02:00 PM
Click here to submit an electronic response
Submit your response in hardcopy to Logan City Council - 150 Wembley Road

Tenderers should read all the Tender Documents and then must lodge the completed Tender Response Form and schedules by the Closing Date.

Tenderers are to respond electronically via LG Tender Box AND by lodging one (1) hard copy by the Closing Date.

The hard copy Tender must be labelled "Original", and that copy will take precedence over the electronic copy in the event of any discrepancy between them.

Council may not consider any Tender received after the Closing Date unless Council is satisfied, at its sole discretion, that there are legitimate reasons for the late arrival of the Tender other than failure of the Tenderer to dispatch the Tender in reasonable time to arrive by the Closing Date.

The Tender Response Form must be completed in full. Tenderers submitting tenders for both Registers must complete and submit a separate Tender Response Form for each Register.

Given the large volume of information that will be included with a response, Council suggests that where possible all tenders be uploaded to the LG Tender Box in a compressed 'zip' format in order to ensure receipt of the whole tender submission in a single 'package'.

Tenderers must lodge a tender deposit of $1,000.00 (for each Tender) when lodging their Tenders, in accordance with the Tender Conditions.



Mandatory Industry Briefing
A briefing session will be held at 150 Wembley Road, Logan Central, Logan City, QLD, Australia, 4114 on 19 July 2019 01:00 PM.
Details as per 1. Request for Tender clause 3.1.
Attendance at the briefing is a pre-requisite to submission and consideration of a bid.

Online Tender Forum 

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The online forum provides a place to comment and obtain further clarification if needed.
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Comments cannot be posted after 6 August 2019 02:00 PM.

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Please note that the use of the forum for supplier self-promotion is unacceptable and may result in the supplier having their account suspended. Such posts shall not be responded to or published on the forum.

We reserve the right to invite Tenderers to change their tenders as per Section 228(7) of the Local Government Regulation 2012